Good news public transport commuters! Did you know? LRT and KL Monorail riders are now entitled to a refund if the trains are late by at least 15 minutes.

That’s right folks, it may be out of your control when the train delays cause you to be late for work or an important meeting, but at least you’re now being compensated.

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Source: Harian Metro

The news was announced by Datuk Nancy Shukri from the prime minister’s department, who also added that commuters who experience delays can also opt to claim coupons in exchange for tickets for a replacement journey the following day.


The same policy will apply to the MRT, which is expected to be operational by the end of 2016,” Nancy was quoted as saying during a parliamentary in the Dewan Rakyat today (Monday, 31st October).

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Source: Rapid KL’s Twitter

UPDATE (1st November, 11:45am):

RapidKL concessionaire Prasarana has clarified that not all commuters will be given the refund, as only those who forfeit their rides will be compensated.

In a statement, Prasarana wrote:

If riders continued their journey on the LRT, their right for a refund would automatically be voided. Prasarana hopes this statement would clarify any form of confusion that may have arisen.

The company also explained that refunds will only be made in the form of a free coupon for a one-way trip, which will be valid for 5 days from the date of issuance.


This compensation system will hopefully encourage Prasarana Malaysia Bhd to buck up their overall services as their lack of efficiency and occurring system glitches has caused numerous delays for the past few months.


There were, however, no mentions of refunds for KTM service delays.

Sources: FMT, Paul Tan (1) (2).

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