On 7th September (Wednesday), thousands of commuters were stranded at several stations due to “glitches in the signalling and communication system” that delayed LRT trains between Ampang Park and Dang Wangi.

According to Kelana Jaya LRT Line COO Ismail Abdullah, the glitches forced RapidKL to “power down the line” at several stations in the city to allow for rectification and repairs. As a result, commuters were held up at the affected stations and were late for school/work.

RapidKL has since apologised for the incident.

Source: twitter.com/anwarahmat
Source: twitter.com/anwarahmat

However, just this morning, commuters found themselves stranded once again when LRT services came to an abrupt halt during a downpour.

According to some pictures and videos that have been circulating on Facebook, some LRT passengers were made to evacuate stalled trains. The commuters were taking the Kelana Jaya line when the trains came to a standstill. As such, hundreds of passengers had no choice but to walk between the tracks to the nearest station.

The incident drew ire from netizens, who took to social media to express their dismay over the 10am incident. “I still remember how satisfying the #LRT service in the past and how low the fare was.. It’s so sad to see we’re paying more for nothing,” one Twitter user posted. “I think RapidKL should really issue some simple technical explanation of what’s going on with the LRT,” another said.

What went wrong, you ask? RapidKL explained via their Twitter that the disruption was due to a power trip from Setiawangsa to KLCC, and continuously posted updates about the situation.

At 10:48am, RapidKL requested for the affected passengers to proceed to the Customer Service at their LRT stations for a trip refund.

Were you affected by the stalled trains too? Leave a comment below and tell us about your experience.

Sources: Astro AwaniAnwar Rahmat, RapidKL / Featured image: Anwar Rahmat.

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