Marvel has just given fans something to get excited. While the Infinity Saga is over, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is far from slowing down.

In addition to what has already been revealed, Disney and Marvel Studios have just announced 5 new untitled movies for 2022 and 2023. This further affirms Marvel will be releasing a minimum of 4 movies per year moving forward.

Source: Movie Web

Just to recap, here are the featured films already confirmed for Phase 4:

Source: MCU Direct
  • 18th February 2022 – Untitled Marvel Film
  • 6th May 2022 – “Black Panther 2
  • 29th July 2022 – Untitled Marvel Film
  • 7th October 2022 – Untitled Marvel Film (new)
  • 17th February 2023 – Untitled Marvel Film (new)
  • 5th May 2023 – Untitled Marvel Film (new)
  • 28th July 2023 – Untitled Marvel Film (new)
  • 3rd November 2023 – Untitled Marvel Film (new)

Although “The New Mutants” isn’t going to take place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the “X-Men” spin-off is slated for release on 3rd April 2020.

Based on several clues that have already been discussed, here are some future MCU films that could be among the Untitled Marvel Films:

  • “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3”
  • “Blade”
  • “Captain Marvel 2”
  • “Ant-Man 3”
  • “Fantastic Four”
  • The next big “Avengers” movie (Secret Invasion?)
  • “Deadpool 3”
  • “X-Men” reboot
Source: MCU Direct

What do you think those Untitled Marvel Films could be?

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