Black Widow/ Natasha Romanova is ready to open her ledger.

In the “Black Widow” standalone film, the MCU Phase 4 prequel movie is set to partially be take place after the events of “Captain America: Civil War”. Taskmaster has been revealed to be the big bad.

Source: EW

From left to right (pictured above), here are the 5 main cast that showed yo at the San Diego Comic-Con: O-T Fagbenle, Florence Pugh, Scarlett Johansson, Rachel Weisz, and David Harbour.


Where we find Natasha in her life at this point is very specific,” Scarlett Johansson told EW. “She really is in a dark place where she’s got no one to call and nowhere to go. She’s really grappling with her own self. When something huge explodes and all the pieces are landing, you have that moment of stillness where you don’t know what to do next — that’s the moment that she’s in. In that moment, you actually have to face yourself.”

David Harbour on his character, Alexei: “That is his by-day name, but at night he becomes the rock star the Red Guardian. In the Cold War, the Americans were developing weaponry, and the Soviets were responding. The Americans developed Captain America, and the Soviets responded with something called the Red Guardian. In a way he’s a super-soldier, but he’s also a very complicated guy. He has a lot of flaws, a lot of idiosyncrasies. It’s a very rich character.”

Florence Pugh plays Yelena, who is Natasha’s “sister figure”.

Rachel Weisz plays Malena, who has “been cycled through the Black Widow Red Room (program) five times at this point in her life. She’s quite a seasoned spy and assassin (who is involved in a scientific experiment).”

O-T Fagbenle is Mason: “He’s the guy who can get things done if you’re a spy or superhero and you need a bit of extra help. It’s a bit of a complex relationship with Natasha because obviously, ostensibly we have this kind of business transaction, but I think there’s a little romantic frisson.”

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“Black Widow” will debut on 1st May 2020.

Source: EW.

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