When Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige announced the full slate for Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 4 at the recent San Diego Comic-Con, many were saddened that “Black Panther 2”.

It’s safe to assume that the sequel is likely to be in MCU Phase 5 and will come out after 2021. The currently untitled “Black Panther 2” is still in pre-production, but word on the street has it that Marvel has chosen Namor to be the main antagonist.

Source: MCU Direct

The news comes courtesy of We Got This Covered, who also revealed that “the real Mandarin will appear in ‘Shang-Chi’ and Taskmaster will be the villain in ‘Black Widow'” before Marvel made the official announcement.


According to the publication, part of the plot may involved Wakanda coming under attack from another ruler under the sea. Remember in “Avengers: Endgame” when Black Widow was speaking to a couple of other heroes through a hologram?

Okoye shared that there has been seismic activity in the ocean on the African plate. “It’s an earthquake under the ocean. We handle it by not handling it,” the female African warrior told Natasha Romanoff. Was this a foreshadow of the emergence of Namor and the Atlanteans?

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We Got This Covered also reported that “Crazy Rich Asians” star Henry Golding is being eyed to portray Namor. The Marvel character is a human-mermaid hybrid that possesses super-strength and aquatic abilities. Much like DC’s Aquaman, Namor is the lord of the mythical undersea kingdom of Atlantis.

The 32-year-old Malaysian actor previously responded to fans suggesting that he should be included in Mavrel’s “Shang-Chi”. “Marvel is coming out with amazing, amazing, sort of productions and going forward, they’ve got a whole new generation of superheroes that they’re going to explore. It’s an honour to even be in that sort of conversation,” he was quoted as saying.

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Golding added, “I think there are many dream projects. I’m a lover of sci-fi. I’m a huge comic book fan for years and years. I love anything that’s really going to take me out of my every day to break through my own reality and take somebody on a journey and a story. I can’t wait to explore all types of movies and films. For me, it’s really about the project. It’s about the material. It’s about the filmmakers.”

It’s already been confirmed that Ryan Coogler will be returning as director. Cast members Chadwick Boseman, Danai Gurira, and even Michael B. Jordan are expected to reprise their roles. Killmonger was killed off in the first film, so the character’s spirit will probably speak to T’Challa on the ancestral plane.

Source: We Got This Covered.

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