Every announcement Marvel films have become an experience, and that is no less true when “Shang-Chi and The Legends Of The 10 Rings” was first announced. Many questions were raised about Marvel’s first Asian lead movie. The most important of which was the villain. Marvel then gave us one name, Mandarin, not the Iron Man 3’s Mandarin, but a comic book faithful one.

The villain by himself might be an entertaining watch but Marvel has other plans as they recently introduced 4 more villains to join the Stan Lee character in the upcoming film. So while we wait for the film to come out, lets check out the history behind each of the new villains.

1. Moving Shadow

Source: Comic Basics

Moving Shadow is the half-brother of Shang-Chi, whom they both share the same father, Fu Manchu. While his brother betrayed and walked out on their father’s plans of world domination, Moving Shadow embraced his father’s teachings. So when he was eventually ordered to kill his half-brother, he had no problem with following these orders as he wants to prove his superiority over Shang-Chi.


2. Razor-Fist

Source: Comic Vine

Depending on which version or how the story is set, Razor-Fist is actually two brothers, named Douglas and William Scott. The brothers were brilliant martial artists, earning the name Razor-Fist because of their fast punches before becoming mercenaries. The brothers then took the same title and decided to pretend to be one person. They also lost their hand in a car accident and replaced their missing hand with a blade. They were then hired to hunt down Shang-Chi.

Key note: William Scott was later revealed with both blades on each of his hands when his brother got killed in the comic books.

3. Ghostmaker

Source: Comic Vine

Ghost Maker (real name Grigori Sovchenko) is the son of a high-ranking Soviet Union’s KGB member, who trained Ghost Maker martial art for the first 15 years of his life. His training was completed when he killed 10 western spies and came in conflict with Shang-Chi while attacking a military camp. Ghost Maker was later killed when he got expose to a deadly raindrop, but was then resurrected by a cult name Snakeroot to fight under their command.

4. Steel-Claw

Source: Geek World Wide

Steel-Claw never appeared in the comic but has been linked to another character named Tiger-Claw. Tiger-Claw was a martial artist who confronted Shang-Chi father, Fu Manchu, where he demanded to be the master of Si-Fan, an ancient secret society. He was granted the position by Fu Manchu, after he killed several of the Si-Fan’s masters. Since then, he became an occurring villain in the Shang-Chi comics.

Fun fact: “The Dead Lands” actor Te Kohe Tuhaka reportedly auditioned for the role.

Source: Jaynestars. Featured Image: Geek Tyrant.

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