Controversial Malaysian beauty entrepreneur Safiey Ilias has finally released the official music video of her viral hit,  “Syinta Gila” yesterday.

Having been viewed almost 30k times, fans and haters alike are praising the song, the video and the singer for highlighting positive and women empowering message.


Netizens also complimented Safiey for appearing modestly and looking classy throughout the whole video, and many especially like the scene when she bought turmeric (kunyit) and onions (bawang) at the market.

For those who didn’t get the scene, in Malay slang ‘kunyit’ is used to refer to gay men while ‘bawang’ is the term for gossiping. Thus, in the scene, Safiey Ilias is embracing the fact that she is gay and she knows that people still won’t stop gossiping about her.

Again, people are saying that the song and music video for “Syinta Gila” are definitely way better than the previously controversial hit “Bobo Di Mana” performed by Dato Aliff Syukri, Nur Sajat and Lucinta Luna.

What do you all think after watching the video?

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