Cosmetic businessman Dato Aliff Syukri has released the lyric video of his controversial new song “Bobo Di Mana”, and as expected, many are not impressed by it.

The video is currently number 3 on the YouTube trending list, garnering more than 254k views, 34k dislikes and 6k likes.


Featuring fellow entrepreneur-turned-celebrity Nur Sajat and Indonesian social star Luna Lucinta, the lyric video has received mostly negative reviews for depicting the 2 aforementioned artists so sexily.

Many commented that the video looks like soft porn and it is not suitable for Malaysian viewers. Netizens also condemned the audio has been autotuned way too much.

The video also features the controversial dance move which was rejected by many people including local artists when it was shared by Dato Aliff Syukri 2 weeks ago. However, the jiggling part of the dance move has been edited out.

After getting so many hate comments for the dance video, the 31-year-old millionaire decided to change the dance choreography as he wants his fans to be able to dance along to the tune without feeling embarrassed.

According to Dato Aliff, the official music video will be released in another 3 to 4 days. But if the lyric video is getting so many dislikes already, we wonder how the real deal will turn out.

Are you looking forward to it?

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