Dato Aliff Syukri is one of Malaysia’s top beauty entrepreneurs who is no stranger to controversy especially since he is a close friend to another controversial figure, Nur Sajat.

Most recently, the cosmetic millionaire has been receiving a lot of hate for his latest song titled “Bobo Di Mana” featuring local personality Nur Sajat and Indonesia’s sensational star Lucinta Luna.



The 30-year-old businessman shared a video featuring the 3 of them dancing to the chorus of “Bobo Di Mana” which now has over a million views. But most people didn’t watch the video because they enjoy the dancing, rather they were there to leave hate comments on the post.

Most of the commenters bashed Dato Aliff Syukri for supporting LGBT figures as Nur Sajat and Lucinta Luna are reportedly transgenders. Furthermore, fans and non-fans alike are disgusted by the seductive dance moves performed by the 2 alleged transgenders.

Malay actress Wardina also weighed in her thoughts on the video which she described as “foolish”, “too much”, and “disgusting”. In a Facebook post, the actress said that she criticised because she care and she feels that such video shouldn’t be made and published during the holy month of Eid al-Adha.


Dato Aliff Syukri has responded to Wardina’s comment, saying that while he accepts her criticism and acknowledges his mistakes, his action was part of the contract for the upcoming music video. Thus, as a talent from Indonesia, he only follows orders given by his Indonesian manager Didi.

Rock star Amy Search and actor Aeril Zafrel also chimed in on the issue. Amy told Dato Aliff Syukri that as a Muslim he should not promote such vulgarness and his excuse is unacceptable. Meanwhile, Aeril jokingly asked whether his manager who uses the Instagram handle @didi_3kingkong – is a human or a king kong.


Previously, Aliff Syukri has also been condemned for his single “Abang Nak Tegur” featuring Nur Sajat. The video received 7 times more dislikes than likes.

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