Congratulations to our country for gaining the world’s attention for the wrong reason once again.

Since the recent public caning of 2 Muslim women, more and more figures as well as personalities have called out expressed their disappointment against the action, including Imagine Dragons’s lead vocalist Dan Reynolds.

A few days ago, Reynolds also called out to Eminem for using homophobic slurs in his new song “Fall” from his “Kamikaze” album.

The song is believed to be directed towards another rapper Tyler, The Creator, having previously slammed Eminem for releasing the “Shady XV” compilation album in 2014.

Apart from Reynolds, Greyson Chance who came out as gay last year also took a stand regarding the public caning in Malaysia.

Other celebrities and prominent personalities who voiced out about the issue include “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor Dirk Blocker, AsNTM alum Alicia Amin, veteran actress Adibah Noor, Permatang Pauh MP Nurul Izzah, PKR president Anwar Ibrahim, and more.

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