From Dato Seri Vida’s “I Am Me” to Dato Aliff Syukri’s “Bobo Di Mana”, apparently a lot of controversial beauty entrepreneurs are coming out with their own songs. The latest one to join the fray is fellow cosmetics millionaire Safiey Illias, a proud transgender known for her Aurora products.

From months ago, when “Bobo Di Mana” was a hot and trending topic, Safiey Illias has already hinted that she too will be coming up with her own tune. The song has finally been officially released on various music platforms including iTunes, JOOX, Spotify, Shazam and YouTube.

What surprises many netizens was that the song was unexpectedly good and catchy, and many have claimed that the melody has been stuck in their head and they have been playing the song on repeat.

Many people compared “Syinta Gila” to the controversial “Bobo Di Mana”, saying that former is most definitely a lot better than the latter in terms of music, lyrics and message.

Several anti-LGBT people find themselves in a conflicting situation where they wanted to hate the song but couldn’t do so as the earworm tune has been on repeat on their playlist as well.

Composed by Indonesian singer Ressa Herlambang who is known for the song “Menyesal”, Safiey Illias previously admitted that the song is not about herself but is dedicated to all the women out there and is aimed to give a sense of empowerment and confidence to many women.

“Syinta Gila” debuted at #2 on Malaysian iTunes Top 100 chart, beating Malaysia’s song queen Siti Nurhaliza’s “Anta Permata” and pop king Faizal Tahir’s “Ragaman”, and is behind popular K-pop band BTS’ “Fake Love”.

Take a listen to the full song below:

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