With T.O.P, G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung undergoing their mandatory military service, maknae Seungri has been appearing on a lot of variety shows to fill the void for fans.

He made an appearance on Sunday (22nd July)’s episode of “My Ugly Duckling”, in which he talked about his fellow members, and even wrote a letter to his hyungs (elder brothers in Korean).

Source: YG Entertainment

The letter was addressed to “the BIGBANG hyungs“, and it read:


Hyungs, it’s me, Seungri. I trust that you’re all healthy and doing well. Right now, while you’re away, I’m doing my best to promote as the face of BIGBANG. Although it’s often difficult and lonely without you, I’m working hard in order to not be an embarrassment to you, and all things considered, I’m doing well. I had a meeting today with the (YG Entertainment) staff, and they say that my brand reputation index is very high…for the first time in 13 years.

Not only ago, I had my first (solo) endorsement photo shoot. It was an Internet advertisement for a dating app. It seems like I’m going to be shooting a commercial for a lodging and accommodations app soon too. I’m also discussing a potential advertisement for an insurance company. Since all of you are unavailable, the endorsements are coming to me instead.

Hehehehehehehehehehe, Seungri.

He also explained that he’ll make copies of the letter to send to all 4 members.

Prior to that, Seungri also talked about his feelings about promoting without the other members. He admitted that it was lonely, saying, “When I was with the other members, they would say things like ‘Hey, what should we go eat (after this)?’ and ‘Hey, have you tried that restaurant?’ and ‘Hey, let’s go to such-and-such place!’ throughout our scheduled activities.”

All 5 of us would get excited over the smallest things. It was great. Now I have to eat by myself. The other members played lots of pranks on me and joked around a lot. I miss their nagging,” he shared.

Source: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore

The BIGBANG member made his long-awaited comeback on 20th July with “The Great Seungri”. Despite having made his solo debut 10 years ago, this is his first full studio album.


Check out some fun facts on his album here.

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