Daesung doing all VIPs proud, even in the military.

The BIGBANG member, who is currently placed in the 27th Infantry Division recruit training centre, has reportedly been promoted to an assistant instructor today (Friday, 15th June).

Source: X Sports News

A source from the personnel department of his division explained that Daesung had personally applied for the position, saying, “Assistant instructors are not designated by the division, they receive applications. Daesung applied and was interviewed before being offered the position.


The source also explained that the behaviour and attitude of the applicant while fulfilling his day-to-day duties plays a significant part in the selection process. As evident, the vocalist’s promotion is not without merit, as the singer was chosen due to his “good physical condition” and “excellent training scores”.

Source: YG Entertainment

Daesung enlisted on 13th March, after T.O.P, G-Dragon, and Taeyang. He began his conscription at the training centre of the 27th Infantry Division and has been serving as an active duty soldier ever since.

He was hospitalised for laryngitis last month, but fortunately, was discharged after 2 days without any serious damage.

Source: soompi.

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