Seungri’s inevitable military enlistment is coming up very, very soon.

In the press conference for his recently released album “The Great Seungri“, the maknae revealed some details about his upcoming conscription.

Source: YG Entertainment

He said that he hopes to enlist early next year, explaining, “I want all 5 members of BIGBANG to be able to stand in front of our fans again as soon as possible. I believe we need to shorten BIGBANG’s hiatus as much as we can.


He also talked about reuniting with his members, sharing, “I hope to (…) reunite with the other members as soon as we can. I hope our fans will keep watching over us and supporting us because we will try to make the hiatus short.

While on the topic of enlistments, he also revealed that G-Dragon had shared some words of encouragement before he conscripted. He said, “G-Dragon especially told me, ‘While we’re not here, I hope you do lots of promotional activities so that our fans don’t feel our empty space that much. I hope you do your best under the name BIGBANG and showcase a side of you as a musician that you haven’t shown before.

Source: ChoiTOP

BIGBANG’s eldest member T.O.P began his mandatory service in February 2017, followed by G-Dragon in 27th February, Taeyang on 12th March, and Daesung on 13th March. If Seungri begins his enlistment early next year, BIGBANG will be reunited in 2021.

Source: soompi.

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