It has been a tough 5 years wait – but the great Seungri is finally back.

Seungri made his comeback today with “The Great Seungri“, his first full studio album despite having made his solo debut 10 years ago. Unlike his sophomore album “Let’s Talk About Love”, this was years in the making – with fans anticipating the release since last year.

To celebrate this long-awaited comeback, we’ve compiled a list of interesting facts about the album:


1. Seungri showed off his song-making talents in “The Great Seungri”.

Source: YG Entertainment

The title track “1, 2, 3 (셋 셀테니)” was co-composed and co-written by the BIGBANG member himself. Apart from that, he also took part in the lyrics writing for all 9 songs and the music composition of 8 songs on the album. The stellar album also sees featurings by WINNER’s Mino, iKON’s B.I, singer Blue.D, and DJ DANNIC.

2. The music video was inspired by 2 1970s musicals.

In an interview with media outlet Osen, Seungri revealed that the music video was inspired by 2 of John Travolta’s works – “Grease” and “Saturday Night Fever”. Watching the music video, it isn’t hard to spot the obvious connection. The 5-minute video, which was directed by Min Hansa, was also filmed using the one-shot technique.

3. Title track “1, 2, 3” was originally meant for BLACKPINK.

Source: Seungri’s Instagram

Surprise, surprise. In his comeback countdown on V Live, the BIGBANG member dropped an unexpected fun fact. He told fans that the title track of “The Great Seungri” was in fact meant for BLACKPINK! Rose had already recorded the song, but the production team thought it would sound better if a guy sang it. “It’s a very heavy song, but we added a bit of twist to make it more vibrant. It became the title track,” Seungri revealed.

4. Singer Anda is the female lead in the music video! 


If the female lead looked familiar, it’s because she’s Anda – a Korean singer who made her debut in 2012. When the teaser video dropped on Wednesday (18th July), fans weren’t too sure if it was her as she only appeared for a very short while. However, as she plays a more prominent role in the music video, it wasn’t difficult to confirm that it was her.

5. Another music video will be released!

Source: YG Entertainment

The sub title track of “The Great Seungri” is “Where R U From”, a fun track featuring WINNER’s Mino. Are you one of the fans that was disappointed by the lack of music video for the song? Don’t be – because Seungri and Mino has in fact recorded a music video for it!

Youtuber David Kim was one of those invited to the “The Great Staff Music Video Set Tour With Seungri”, in which Seungri revealed some footage from the music video. In a series of tweets, Kim said, “So just got news from YG that only one MV is going to be released today. Disapponting, but I’ll have to postpone the Seungri vlog to next week!

Does this mean we get the music video next week?

To celebrate the drop of his solo album, the maknae will be holding his very first solo concert on 4th and 5th August in Seoul. He will also be travelling around Korea for his concert tour. No word on a world tour yet, but we are keeping our fingers crossed!

Sources: Naver, David Kim.

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