G-Dragon has reportedly been forced out of his hospital room, although he was still in need of rehabilitation for his surgery.

Reports state that the BIGBANG leader was forced to leave the Yangzhou Armed Forces Hospital yesterday (29th June) without consent from himself or his legal guardians.


He was moved back to his army division in Chulwon. In response to the claims, representatives from the hospital simply stated, “Please inquiry the Ministry of Defense for specific details.

When contacted, YG Entertainment initially released a statement that read, “We are currently contacting G-Dragon’s family to confirm the validity of the reports regarding him being discharged from the hospital. As G-Dragon is currently a soldier in the army, we as his agency are unable to know the specific details of his status.

After contacting his family, the agency released a follow-up statement, which said, “We have heard from his family that G-Dragon has indeed been discharged and moved to the Cheorwon army division.

Source: YouTube

The rapper became the focus of Korean media on 25th June, when Dispatch accused him of receiving special celebrity treatment while receiving surgery in his ankle. They stated that he was put in a colonel room despite not being of rank. The same article also claimed that the VIP hospital room has air conditioning, a refrigerator, a TV, and is a private room.

The issue is extremely controversial in South Korea as armies are not afforded the same luxury.

However, YG Entertainment and the Ministry of Defense both stepped up to deny the rumours. The Ministry of Defense explained that that the colonel room did not exist, and other members of the army have been allocated private rooms for due to privacy issues. Meanwhile, YG Entertainment stated that G-Dragon was not staying in a VIP room, but in a small 1-person hospital room.

G-Dragon enlisted in the military on 27th February and is set to be discharged on November 26, 2019. It was revealed in May that he was receiving surgery on his ankle.


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