Following T.O.P’s marijuana confession, the police has stated that he will be officially expelled from the military police division.

Multiple news outlet have also reported that the BIGBANG rapper will have to re-enlist in the military again.

Source: bigbangupdates

In a statement, the police said, “Battle Police Rule 41 states that a person may be relieved of his duty if he is determined to be not fit for duty. We will soon be ordering him to leave the division.


You cannot be accepted back into a division you have been expelled from unless there are outstanding circumstances. His enlistment as an army policeman is now over,” they added.

T.O.P (real name Choi Seung Hyun, 최승현), who enlisted in the military on 9th February, will have to go through investigation and trial after his departure. If his trial ends in anything other than imprisonment, he will have to re-enlist, thus resetting his mandatory service period of 1 years and 9 months.

Source: KpopBehind

Previous reports explained that the rapper smoked marijuana a total of 4 times – twice normally and twice in liquid form. He has denied the liquid marijuana allegations but admits to smoking marijuana regularly.

The rapper will also be prosecuted without detainment by the police for his drug use. The trainee who was with him, Han Seo Hee, was also summoned and has completed her questioning.

Sources: All Kpop, Asian Junkie, Koreaboo/ Featured image: Rebloggy.

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