The DC Extended Universe continues to expand with the latest announcement of the DC movie slate.

During the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2017 over the weekend, Warners Bros. reveal a new lineup of 8 films in the DCEU. Since superhero blockbusters are a phenomenon these days, moviegoers can expect a ton of them in the next few years.

DC Movie Slate
Source: Screen Rant

Instead of the usual timeline announcement, these upcoming movies were unveiled via a montage of logos and characters. Fans noted that DC’s presentation was a mixed bags of confirmed movies and long-rumoured projects. Following “Justice League” and “Aquaman”, here’s the list of DC’s superhero schedule:

  1. Shazam!” – 5th April 2019
  2. “Suicide Squad 2”
  3. The Batman
  4. “Justice League Dark”
  5. Batgirl
  6. Green Lantern Corps
  7. The Flash / Flashpoint
  8. Wonder Woman 2” – 13th December 2019
DC Movie Slate
Source: Digital Spy

Despite recent rumours indicating that Ben Affleck may be leaving his Batman role, the actor assured fans that he is Gotham’s caped crusader. Meanwhile, “Green Lantern Corps” will feature Hal Jordan and John Stewart as co-leads, hinting that the movie probably won’t focus on a single superhero.

The biggest reveal, however, was the studio’s plan for “The Flash” movie. Starring Ezra Miller, The Flash’s solo movie will follow the “Flashpoint” storyline, which is based on an alternate timeline created by the Flash after he went back in time to save his mother. This ultimately led to reboot of the DCEU.

Source: DC

Noticeably missing from the movie slate were “Gotham City Sirens“, “Man Of Steel 2“, and “Cyborg“. Hopefully as production draws closer, we’ll get more updates on the aforementioned films.

Sources: Screen Rant, Games Radar.

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