Superman fans rejoice! Your favourite superhero is finally getting a sequel.

Never mind the bad reviews from critics, Warner Bros. and DC Films are forging ahead with a “Superman” sequel. The Wrap reported that “Man of Steel 2” is in “active development” and also the studio’s “top priority” to restore the character’s reputation for the audience.

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When we last saw Henry Cavill’s Kal-El in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”, he was being buried six feet under after being stabbed to death by Doomsday. Inspired by his sacrifice, Bruce Wayne has decided to recruit a team of metahumans to protect earth from evil forces – this will be further explored in Zack Snyder’s upcoming “Justice League”.


One of the main complaints for “Batman v Superman” was the fact that Man of Steel was portrayed as a second fiddle to the Dark Knight, which angered many fans. Although Henry Cavill is pretty much the perfect Superman, Warner Bros. has not handled his character arc very well, and they know it.

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It makes sense that Superman will have a solo sequel, given the fact that other individual Justice League members are getting their standalone movies, from “Wonder Woman” and “Aquaman” to “The Flash”. Having said that, although the studio has gotten the ball rolling for “Man of Steel 2”, making room for this sequel won’t be so easy.

Here is the list of future films from DC Comics release dates as it stands:

  • 2nd June 2017 – “Wonder Woman
  • 17th November 2017 – “Justice League
  • 27th July 2018 – “Aquaman
  • 5th October 2018 – Untitled DC Film
  • 5th April 2019 – “Shazam”
  • 14th June 2019 – “Justice League 2”
  • 1st November 2019 – Untitled DC Film
  • 3rd April 2020 – “Cyborg
  • 24th July 2020 – “Green Lantern Corps”
Justice League
Source: WB

As of now, the full movie slate shows that there are 2 untitled DC superhero films, so maybe one of those 2 could be “Man of Steel 2”? “The Flash” and the “Batman” solo outings are currently without release dates as well.

Sources: Movie Web, Screen Rant, Cinema Blend.

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