After hacking into Lex Luthor’s private database, Bruce Wayne aka Batman discovered (and later showed Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman) that Lex has been collecting information about other “metahumans” – individuals with enhanced abilities.

In other words, The Flash, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman are somewhere out there – the world just doesn’t know of their existence yet. However, it was the scene with Cyborg (played by Ray Fisher) that had many casual fans scratching their heads.

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Victor Stone, a promising young football star, is mortally wounded with only his upper torso and head suspended on a S.T.A.R. Labs (aka the Science and Technology Advanced Research Laboratories) work board. In the video diaries, we see his father, Dr. Silas Stone, grieving over his failure to help his son. Moments later, the doctor resorts to a strange, shapeshifting box which latches unto Vic and transforms him into Cyborg.


Zack Snyder confirmed that the item viewers saw in the scene was indeed a Mother Box. “That’s the first glimpse of the Mother Box there. It was an agonizing birth. I really wanted to show Cyborg’s birth because I feel like he plays such a strong part coming up, and I really wanted to give a sense of him. I really want (the audience) to know how far he’s come,” the director told Entertainment Weekly.

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In case you’re wondering what a Mother Box is, it’s a sentient supercomputer from the 4th World mythology in the DC universe. Essentially used by the New Gods (a race of higher beings), the Mother Box has a vast array of abilities, one of which is healing its user, which we saw it do to Victor.

According to Cinema Blend, Mother Boxes are mainly used by the denizens of both New Genesis and Apokolips, but because Victor was merged with one, he’s been turned into a technopath, giving him the ability to communicate with and manipulate any form of technology.

Source: Jonathan Ressler

The Mother Box can also teleport via Boom Tubes, which are portals commonly used by Darkseid to transport his troops across galaxies. For the uninitiated, the planet Apokolips is the home territory of Darkseid, one of the New Gods responsible for challenging Earth’s superheroes.

Officially, we don’t know exactly which villain will be up against the Justice League but all signs are pointing towards the aforementioned big bad.

Cyborg will return to the big screen for “Justice League Part 1” on 17th November 2017, and will headline his own solo film on 3rd April 2020.

Sources: Cinema Blend, Collider, Entertainment Weekly, Screen Rant.

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