You never thought the day would come when the demure looking Luhan explodes in anger, right?

Well, prepare to be proven wrong, as the former EXO member was recently embroiled in a controversy where he was recorded shouting at a taxi driver ferrying sasaeng fans. The enraged idol was reportedly angered at the driver’s irresponsible and reckless driving, which may endanger the lives of fans and innocent bystanders.

In case you didn’t know, “sasaeng” fans are extreme fans that take drastic measures to stalk and invade their idol’s privacy with questionable methods.

Source: Sina
Source: Sina

On 19th June, when Luhan was filming in Hengdian, a town in Zhejiang, China, his car was followed by a group of 3 taxi drivers, who are professional stalkers of idols, with several females on board. The drivers drove without concern for other road users and Luhan’s car was eventually forced to stop. Luhan and his team tried to liaise with the opposite party, but failed to do so as they provoked him with threats to crash his car.

Amongst the taxi drivers, one of them was a driver who stalked Luhan regularly. Recognising the familiar face, Luhan lashed out at him, shouting “Bring me along!” and “You again?” repeatedly.

After the incident, malicious video clips were uploaded on social media, and some parties even sold them with the intention of spreading false rumours about the singer.

Watch one of the videos here:

Luhan Studio has released an official statement regarding the situation, saying:

Sasaeng fans and taxi drivers (car chasers) who chase after Luhan are common, but it is a very dangerous action as it might harm the public, the offending party, and even Luhan himself. Luhan, Luhan Studio, and his team of fans have tried to explain the danger countless times via social media and news outlets to no avail.

Luhan and his team knows that it is hard to eradicate car chasers and sasaeng, but will continue to stand firmly on their ground in hopes that the situation will improve. Again, we call for everyone to not hire car chasers, to resist sasaengs, and to protest against any actions that could cause bodily or property harm. We don’t seem to see an end to the problem, but on the contrary, it worsens. Because the recent situations involve quite a few parties including several young girls, we have tried to avoid pointing fingers or publicly naming anyone, but to ensure public security, we hereby declare that if any similar situation arises, we will consider bringing it to the police, applying for relevant judicial assistance, or publicly exposing video footage and information about those who are involved.


Safety is our highest priority, and we thank all the platforms, media, friends, and fans who cared and stood by Luhan since the incidents. We hope that we will meet everyone in a safer environment, thank you once again!

But not all fan or sasaeng encounters with Luhan are bad. Here’s a perfect example of Luhan interacting with fans at Beijing’s West Railway Station, telling them to not push/get rowdy and in exchange, allowing them to take pictures.

Idols are generally respectful and thankful to their fans, but in recent years, excessive sasaeng fan behaviours have driven various idols to publicly beg/warn them on social media to stop the harassment.

We only ask fans to remain civil towards their idols and to respect their private space. You neither want your phone to ring continuously, nor would you want someone to follow you around 24/7 and stand guard outside your home, so we humbly advise fans to refrain from doing so.

Source: Luhan Studio.

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