K-Pop fans, especially VIPs (what BIGBANG’s fans are called) reeled with shock last week when their favourite K-Pop idol tweeted that he has fallen victim to “sasaeng” fans. “Sasaeng” fans are overly obsessive fans that would go to extreme measures to stalk their idols and invade their privacy with questionable methods.

G-Dragon (real name Kwon Jiyong) took it to Twitter to say:

G-Dragon Sasaeng


Translation: “These days younger kids are coming to my house. Even up to the door. I understand but I think this is going too far. My mom and sister are surprised when they come home at night. Stop hiding and don’t come to my house”.

The above tweet shocked his Twitter followers because “sasaeng” fans that never used to attack G-Dragon have now locked in their crosshairs on him and also because the idol rarely posts aggressive tweets. G-Dragon’s sister, Kwon Dami later explained the situation further when she said:

This is my first time feeling scared about the road going home. Since three days ago, I don’t know how Jiyong’s fans found out but they found out where we live and somehow managed to avoid the security guards to get through the front gate.

They were standing right at the floor where we live. Yesterday morning, when Jiyong was coming home, they were hiding where we keep our hydrant near the front door and came out right when he got in. Jiyong was so scared, he fell down.

Today, when I was going home after work, I met the kids again at the basement parking lot. We had to get the security guards in the early morning. Mom woke up in the middle of her sleep.

We’re so grateful that he has fans that love him but this is too much of a stress. It’s too scary coming home now.

G-Dragon is of course not the first idol to experience stalking from fans. Previously, popular K-Pop boy idol group TVXQ’s member, Changmin also revealed that he was a victim to “sasaeng” fans. So much so that he was even driven to seek counseling from the burden of being trailed wherever he went. He said the therapy helped him overcome the anxiety and that he’s fine now.



“Sasaeng” fans are nothing new to the Korean music industry. In fact, most successful and popular idol groups have once or twice fallen victims to them such as Super Junior, F.T. Island, 2PM, Shinhwa, JYJ, SNSD Girls’ Generation, etc.

What can we say? The price to pay for fame, huh? They definitely didn’t sign up for this when they first agreed to become trainees and then later, K-Pop artistes. Let’s just hope G-Dragon wouldn’t need to go to the extent that Changmin did.



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