Girls Generation’s Taeyeon (태연) is currently one of the most popular female artistes in the K-Pop industry and like many other idols, she also suffers various “harassments” from “sasaeng” fans. This time, the songstress has not been able to sleep well because her “sasaeng” fans have been calling her every 3 minutes for the past few nights.

In case you didn’t know, “sasaeng” fans are extreme fans that would use drastic measures to stalk and invade their idol’s privacy with questionable methods.

Source: SM Entertainment.
Source: SM Entertainment

A few days ago, Taeyeon took to her Instagram to post a screenshot of a list of unknown calls she had received for the past few nights. She wrote, “This isn’t good for you or me. I ask for your understanding using my inadequate way of expression. I will erase soon this post since it evokes negative feelings. Have a good night everyone”.


As promised, the post was deleted after a few minutes, but some fans are quick enough to capture it. While some numbers are obviously within the country, others include foreign numbers from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

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Source: All Kpop

Unfortunately, her frustration had no effect whatsoever on her “sasaeng” fans because they are still calling her at 3-minute intervals, even during the day. Yesterday (14th April), she let out her frustration again on Instagram, begging them to not bother her again and to let her sleep.

She wrote, “Can I please sleep…”, “Please stop”, “Can I please sleep…” ,“Every 3 minutes… And for the past few days regardless of day and night… if I’d known they hated me this much”, “I must’ve made a mistake, I thought it was a welcoming opportunity, and wanted to open up”. 

Source: All Kpop
Source: All Kpop

According to All Kpop, a “sasaeng” fan who got her number sent her a message on Kakao first. When Taeyeon read the message, the “sasaeng” fan then proceeded to call her. The singer answered the phone call once and after that, all hell broke loose. We are not sure why Taeyeon picked up the phone call in the first place but maybe it was out of curiosity or out of kindness.

Fame has its price, don’t you agree? Let’s just hope that she can soon be at peace because she definitely didn’t sign up for this when she signed on to be an artiste.

Source: All Kpop.

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