Humble, charming, and talented. These are the 3 words that perfectly describe CUBE Entertainment‘s newest girl group, CLC.

The 5-member multi-national girl group recently held their first overseas promotional showcase in Malaysia. It’s safe to say that their popularity has grown to greater heights now because they’ve charmed us not just through their beauty, but also through their talents in singing and dancing.

Official photo by Universal Music Malaysia Chinese

CLC, which stands for “Crystal Clear”, made their debut with their first EP titled “First Love” earlier in March this year. After releasing the digital single “Eighteen”, they released their 2nd mini-album titled “Question” in May.


Prior to their debut, they caught the public’s attention with their singing during multiple small-scale charity concerts and busking sessions that they held in Hongdae. What made them even more likeable is that they regularly donate all the money they’ve made from their busking projects to charity campaigns.

Official photo by Universal Music Malaysia Chinese

Due to their pure and innocent appeal, one might compare them with Apink of CUBE’s subsidiary company A Cube Entertainment. However, credit where credit is due. Seeing them in real life immediately made us realise that this group is not an idol girl group that should be overlooked.

Even though they are relatively new to the music scene, their fanbase has been growing bigger and stronger day by day. This is proven during their promo showcase that was held at Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur on Sunday (11th October 2015).

Before the girls stepped onstage, hordes of CLC fans were already waiting for them at the showcase venue. Some hardcore fans were even spotted wearing CLC-themed band shirts while singing along to CLC’s songs.

Official photo by Universal Music Malaysia Chinese

As soon as the clock struck 6, local celebrity host Brandon Ho came onstage to officiate the event. Sharing the stage with CLC that day was local singer Erul Samah*, who opened the showcase by performing a cover of BEAST’s “On Rainy Days”.

The emcee further built up the hype by giving away tonnes of CLC posters. This is also where we found out that there were fans who came all the way from Japan and Thailand to support the group.

*Fun fact: Erul is actually the runner-up for the 2nd season of tvN’s “K-Pop Star Hunt” while Sorn of CLC was the winner from the first season. 



The crowd immediately went wild and collectively let out high-pitched screams as soon as CLC emerged onstage. The girls opened their set with their hit debut single, “Pepe”. They went on to perform “Lucky” from their 2nd mini album before taking a break to introduce themselves and greet their Malaysian fans.

Thai member Sorn told fans in fluent English that they’re pleased to be able to hold their showcase in Malaysia and did not expect to see so many fans here. They also promised that they would come back to Malaysia again before asking fans to keep supporting them and to have faith in them. They further promised fans that they would work hard and make new music.


A total of 5 hardcore fans were able to get up close and personal with the group during a game segment too.

These lucky fans were chosen by the emcee earlier before CLC came onstage. They were required to compete by dancing to a short rendition of CLC’s “Pepe”. The best dancer, whom Sorn recognised from their previous showcase, walked away with some awesome prizes while the rest earned autographed posters from the organiser. The crowd screamed in jealousy as these lucky fans were able to take a “groupfie” with the girls too.


To say that CLC is flawless was definitely an understatement.

The group showed a more mature side by performing a slow tempo song called “What Should I Do” (어쩌죠) during the showcase. We found ourselves drowning in their beautiful vocals! Despite the difference in their vocal range, they found a way to harmonise with each other as their voices complemented each other.

Towards the end of the show, the group hyped up the crowd again with the adorable pop song, “Like”.


And then, there was a surprise in store for leader Seunghee.

In collaboration with CLC’s Malaysian fanclub, the organiser and the crowd gave a belated birthday surprise for leader Seunghee, who was born on 10th October.

Seunghee looked genuinely touched by the surprise as she was seen trying to hold back her tears. She thanked everyone’s efforts for giving her the surprise and before the group left the stage, they took another “groupfie” with the crowd.

Missed out all the moments we spent with CLC? Take a look at them in the gallery below 😉

Special thanks to our friends from Universal Music Malaysia (Chinese) for inviting us to the press conference and the showcase. We certainly hope that CLC would come back to Malaysia for a full-scale concert soon 😉

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