When was the last time you heard anything about Afrojack? Not in a couple of months, maybe. Correct?

Well, the truth is, the Grammy award-winning DJ/producer hasn’t slowed down one bit, what with scoring gigs at a litany of festivals and clubs all around the world. That is, of course, on top of his residency in Las Vegas and frequent sets in Ibiza. He also took over Tomorrowland this year, DJing on all 3 days plus the opening party!

Afrojack Tomorrowland


But did you know that one of those sets was under his birth name Nick Van de Wall (in full, his real name is Nick Leonardus Van de Wall). It’s a name that he’d usually reserve for special occasions like Ultra Music Festival in 2013. So imagine his fans’ susprise when he DJed under his real name.

And that’s not all. He also recently came up with a new alias – NLW, which is more or less an acronym for his full name, Nick Leonardus Van de Wall.

Afrojack NLW

He’s not the first DJ/producer to have multiple aliases, of course. Armin van Buuren has a duo project called Gaia, Skrillex and Diplo has Jack ÜAbove & Beyond has OceanLab, while Ferry Corsten has Gouryella. And that’s just those that we remember off the top of our heads. We’re pretty sure there’s heaps more out there 🙂

On why he chose to champion a new moniker, Afrojack explained to Music Times:

I really got inspired when I saw what Diplo started doing, Major Lazer, and then JACK Ü, and then of course there’s also being Diplo. Like why the hell couldn’t I form my own band by myself? So, now I have multiple outlets where I can release all kinds of genres of music.

Can’t blame the guy for wanting to branch out as an artiste now, can we? It’s a move in the right direction.

Check out the EP behind his new alias below, out now on Wall Recordings:


Want it? Buy it off Beatport here.

Source: Music Times.

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