SOURCE: Billboard
SOURCE: Billboard

Diplo and Skrillex, OSWLA and Mad Decent − it’s impossible not to be excited.

After getting off the decks at the Sundance Film Festival, bass guru Skrillex, sat down with Billboard for a few sound bites in regards to what the superstar DJ/producer has planned next. The conversation jumped immediately to the plans for the Jack Ü EP, or “mini-album”, with production collaborator Diplo.


Skrillex reveals that they have completed around 10 songs together, including some unfinished older demos have been revisited and some brand new projects crafted from the ground up for the collaborative release. However, not all of the tracks will be released for fans at once.


“We’re actually finishing it up this week, so sooner rather than later” -Skrillex

The duo plan to release a handful of tracks now, and keep a few hidden for later use and release. Back home, the OWSLA team is working on launching a number of new projects so fans can look forward to new projects from Wiwek and Kill The Noise in the new future.

You can check out Billboards interview with Skrillex below:

As we excitedly wait for Jack Ü’s upcoming release, here’s “Take Ü There”.


Source: Billboard

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