This year’s Tomorrowland festival’s closing ceremony was perfectly fitting for any festival of that size. After all, it is the world’s largest annual electronic music event, hence the need for an equally epic closing worthy of its reputation.

Every year in the past 11 years, Tomorrowland successfully writes and rewrites history as scores of partygoers from all around the globe rock up to its venue in Belgium to witness the world’s premiere electronic music festival.

Tomorrowland 2015


Known for its unique aesthetic, Tomorrowland 2015 officially came to an end with a closing ceremony that precisely reflects the festival’s comprehensive vision.

A “Daughter of Tomorrow” was brought on stage during the closing ceremony and tugged at the heartstrings of thousands with the sound of a mother’s heartbeat, which provided for a moving backdrop to her violin. Meanwhile, the “King of Tomorrowland” and his “royal family” stood by, giving thanks for another incredible year while festival attendees witness a grand finale of fireworks, stage production, and beyond epic music.

Watch, because this will make you wish so hard that you were there to see it in person:

So, who’s planning to go next year? 😉

Also, don’t forget to check out what David Guetta got up to during his main stage set at this year’s Tomorrowland. Let’s just say that it’ll remind you of your childhood.

For more information, visit Tomorrowland’s website or Facebook page.

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