Trance fans, get your mood for uplifting on as Ferry Corsten, the genius behind “Punk” and “Not Coming Down”, will honour his past with the return of his uplifting trance project, Gouryella.

In case you didn’t know, Ferry started up the Gouryella project back in 1999, together with Tiësto.



The word itself means “heaven” in an aborigine language and they were best known for their self-titled song, “Gouryella” and the follow-up single, “Walhalla”. Their other hits include “Tenshi” (Japanese for “angel”), “Ligaya”, “Gorella”, and “In Walhalla”. In time there were 20 separate album releases of their tracks from 9 different record labels.

However, in late 2000, Tiësto decided he needed to concentrate on his solo work. It led Ferry to pulling the plug on the project.

Ferry Corsten Gouryella

On 26th May 2015, Ferry announced the return of his Gouryella alias with a new track called “Anahera”. He confirmed it when he posted on his Facebook page:

After a long time, I suddenly got the inspiration for this fantastic uplifting trance melody that had a big nostalgic feel for me. Everything came together in the studio just perfectly. Giving #ANAHERA the #GOURYELLA alias was the only possible option for me…

The new release “Anahera” will be premiered on Ferry’s next epsisode of his weekly radio show, Corsten’s Countdown, and will be available on Flashover Recordings on 15th June.

Listen to the track via Spotify below:


Source: The Trance Project.

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