How well do you know your street food?

If you’ve been paying attention to our Instagram account, you’d know that we recently went on a scrumptious road trip to Ipoh and Penang.

Gooood morning!! We’ll be going on a food journey with Tiger beer for the next two days. Stay tuned. ? #mytigerbites #tigerbeermy


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What was the road trip all about?

Well, in a country strong with such a diverse range of culture and heritage, we Malaysians are spoilt for choice when it comes to food. From street foods to your local hawker stalls to fancy restaurants, we’re sure that if you throw a stone anywhere in Malaysia, it’s bound to hit an eatery.

One question still remains though, will that stone land in a unique place that serves the finest tasting street food? I’m pretty sure that by now, most Malaysians would say that the best char kuey teow is in Penang, and the best hor fun (kuey teow soup) is in Ipoh while the best Satay Celup is in Malacca, but did you know that there is more to these states that just those over-commercialised street food?

Believing that Malaysia is filled with hidden gems everywhere, Tiger Beer’s latest campaign comes in the form of a very delicious one. Called “Tiger Bites”, the campaign challenges foodies to uncage the secret street food havens throughout Malaysia by unlocking some of the best street foods that are not known to the masses.

To get the ball rolling, Tiger Beer invited a slew of media to partake in an 18-car convoy on 2-day street food road trip to Ipoh and Penang for a unique gastronomic experience, which we were a part of.


In regards to the campaign, Tiger Beer’s marketing manager Jessie Chuah said,“Through this campaign, we urge foodies to embark on a food hunt to uncage street flavours and share it with fellow Malaysians through a little contest we’ve also put together in conjunction. We are certain this campaign will appeal to all food lovers.”

First stop on the road trip was Ipoh. Instead of taking us for the usual hor fun, we were treated to a delicious and hefty plate of “Dried Curry Mee”. Served with chicken and barbecued pork slices, the dried curry mee was also topped with mint leaves and lime which gave it an extra zesty kick, taking the dish to a whole new level.

After lunch, we embarked on our street food road trip to Penang. Upon arriving in Penang, we were treated to Penang’s “Apom Chooi“, on Burmah road. From Burmah road, we were taken to our hotel, The Royale Bintang Penang, where we freshened up and took a catnap before heading out for dinner.

As night approached, it was time for us to continue on the street food road trip. For dinner, we were taken to this place called “Tiger Char Kuey Teow” where we were greeted by a fantastic traditional drum performance before we indulged in a glorious serving of char kuey teow which we must say, goes really well with a chilled glass of Tiger Beer.

When in Penang, char kuey teow is a must! #mytigerbites #tigerbeermy A photo posted by Hype Malaysia (@hypemy) on

Apart from char kuey teow, we also indulged in Penang’s famous “lobak” and an extraordinary plate of “Chilli Wan Tan Mee“. Are you salivating already? Trust us, we are too.

After dinner, the street food road trip continued as we made our way to Old Green House Penang for supper. Old Green House Penang is pretty much a coffee shop housing various hawker stalls, giving patrons a variety of food to choose from.

Stuffed beyond stuffed, we were true troopers who couldn’t resist but to order a few dishes for a full Penang street food experience. At the Old Green House Penang, we enjoyed the Ochien (Fried Oyster Egg), prawn noodles, and dim sum.

After supper, we headed back to the hotel and called it a night because well, food coma, seriously. The next morning, we woke up to a delicious treat which came in the form of breakfast in bed before heading out for our last meal in Penang.

After checking out and gearing up to leave, we once again spotted a wild tiger in the compounds of the hotel before we made our way to lunch, the final stop in Penang.

For lunch, we were taken to Penang’s Pitt Street Kuey Teow Th’ng and boy, it was delicious! Light and not too heavy, it is something we recommend trying in Penang.

First stop of the day – kuey teow th’ng! ?? #mytigerbites #tigerbeermy A photo posted by Hype Malaysia (@hypemy) on

After lunch, we headed back for Kuala Lumpur and made our way to Seapark, Petaling Jaya for dinner. There, we had the opportunity to witness the knife-performance before indulging in the famous “Seapark Flying Wan Tan Mee“.

Yes, flying.

The “Seapark Flying Wan Tan Mee” marked the end of our Tiger Bites street food journey. Now, to be part of this campaign, all you have to do is sign up and start dropping pins along your way.

Tiger Bites will be a 7-week long contest and 14 sets of GoPro, phone lens, and selfie tripods will be given to participants with the best street food trail (which combines the most number of pins dropped and the longest trail in kilometres). The winner will then be rewarded with an all-expanse paid trip to Taiwan for 2 where more great street food flavours await.

The excitement does not stop there. In celebration of this new campaign, Tiger Bites will throw an exclusive festival filled with the finest street food with ice cold Tiger Beers as accompaniment. Sounds yummy doesn’t it? For exclusive invites, create your food trail and start dropping pins today.

Check out the gallery below for more pictures from our Tiger Bites street food road trip to Ipoh and Penang.

For more information on Tiger Bites, log on to the official website.

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