More often than not, K-pop idols are presumed to have a squeaky clean image. Fans tend to forget that these stars are human too and they also have their own flaws.

Among those flaws include their bad habit of smoking. Some idols have been caught lighting a cigarette in public several times, only to end up issuing an apology afterwards.

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The topic was brought up by a netizen, who took to an online community forum to debate on whether or not it’s okay for idol group members to smoke, especially those who are already adults. This has become an ongoing conversation after quite a number of idols were exposed and even criticised for the “controversy”. The most recent cases include NCT’s Lucas and Lai Kuan Lin.


The news have in turn sparked heated debates among netizens. In this case, there were quite a few who stood by their beliefs that it’s unacceptable for idols to smoke. Most of them argued that they are not maintaining their health and voices.

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On the contrary, some fans stated that it doesn’t matter to them at all, as long as the idol in question is an adult and they take care of their health. Feel free to check out some of the highlighted comments left by fans here:

  • “If they’re adults and they take good care of themselves well, I don’t mind.”
  • “There’s a lot of singers who smoke, even the vocal trainers smoke.”
  • “I won’t stop being their fan just because they smoke, but I think I won’t become a fan of an idol who smokes if I’m not already their fan.”
  • “I wouldn’t like it if an idol singer smokes because they’re singers regardless of being an idol or not and smoking means they are not caring for their voices.”
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What do you have to say about this issue?

Source: AllKpop.

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