NCT and WayV member Lucas (루카스/ 黃旭熙) found himself in a tricky situation during a recent Instagram live stream.

Last night (Thursday, 1st October), Lucas appeared in the love broadcast with his fellow members, Hendery and Winwin, to greet their fans. They were on their way back home from their outing and revealed how they had spent their day.

Source: IG Live

During the session, the trio were seen having a blast while singing and dancing together. Lucas then got excited and started waving his hand while holding a pack of cigarettes. His expression changed and his jaw dropped upon realising his mistake. The “Turn Back Time” singer ended up passing the phone to his team members and stayed out of the frame for a while.


Winwin then asked, “What other songs do you want to listen to?” while Lucas stayed off-cam. It didn’t take long before the 21-year-old returned to the live stream, presumably after putting away the small, flashy pack. In case you don’t know, this isn’t the first time Lucas (real name Wong Yuk Hei) was caught in such a situation.

Many fans took to social media to leave various remarks after the video made its way online. While some (especially international stans) came to Lucas’ defence, others came up with numerous funny memes. As a result, the the star became a trending topic on social media, particularly Twitter.


For those interested, check out the full clip here and feel free to skip straight to 9:42 minute to watch the unintentional commotion.

Source: AllKpop.

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