WayV member Lucas (루카스/ 黃旭熙) is bringing his wholesome hotness to another level!

The 21-year-old idol recently gained widespread attention from K-fans worldwide following his sizzling appearance in the concept photos for his group’s upcoming comeback.

Source: AllKpop

Lucas (real name Wong Yuk-hei) was pictured flaunting his chiseled abs and toned muscles for the shoot. The photos featuring the Hong Kong hottie has in turn received quite a buzz among die-hard K-pop fans.


Scrolling through the comments, a number of fans went cray-cray after coming across his well-built body and also the tattoo at the left side of his abs! “Tattoos for concepts tend to appear superimposed in terms of colour/shine/placement and generally stand out,” one fan commented that the tattoos seem real.

Are y’all set to feast your eyes on the sexy photos featuring the Hong Kong hottie? If the answer is yes, then check out the shots as well as the newly-released video teaser from Lucas below:

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Are y’all ready? WayV is scheduled to make a comeback with their first full length album entitled “Awaken the World” on 9th June.

Source: Jazmine Media.

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