Park Bom (박봄) caused quite a stir following her appearance at the recent 56th Grand Bell Awards. During the event, the ex-2NE1 member walked down the red carpet wearing a stunning two-piece outfit.

However, the spotlight was focused on Park Bom’s face – which seemed more swollen. Netizens also argued that the 36-year-old songstress looked outrageously different from the last time they saw her.

Source: Kpop Chart

The singer’s label, D-Nation quickly responded to the reports via their official statement, shutting down any allegations that Park Bom went under the knife. According to the agency, Park Bom “has had a hard time for a while due to stress”.


“So, we assured her to just be comfortable until her next album comes out. This has led to a slight weight gain which affected her facial feature as well. She will be taking a short break for now,” they added in the statement.

Another rep from the company further denied the false claims, stating, “Some people say she got plastic surgery, but that’s not the case. We’re working on an album this year. She will be taking care of herself to show a completely new side. Please look forward to her new look.”

Park Bom
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“She was invited to perform at the Grand Bell Awards. She was planning to take a break from all public appearances until her comeback, but she decided to perform because she had never performed for an event like the Grand Bell Awards and also the fact that she loves films,” the insider continued in an interview with Star News.

The source added, “She has had many activities in 2019, and performing alone as a solo artist has weakened her stamina. She has been refraining from broadcasting activities, and have been resting, eating well, to regain her energy. Her health has gotten much better now.”

The K-pop industry is notorious for promoting the “perfect” image of an idol. If an artist does not fit the model-esque norm, it is usually unacceptable. This needs to change.

Sources: AllKpop, Soompi. / Featured Image: Starbiz.

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