K-pop songstress Park Bom (박봄) has been very open in expressing her desire to make a comeback with her former 2NE1 group mates.

Recently, the 35-year-old made an appearance at “The King Of Masked Singer” (복면가왕). After revealing her identity to the crowd, she shared with the crowd the downside of performing on stage without the girls around.

Source: MBC

“Standing alone without the other members, it’s quite difficult. But I’m grateful at the same time for being given the opportunity,” said Bom being alone as a solo artist. She continued, “There are many things I have to think and reflect on. I will be strong for the people who support me while I look back to the past.”


When asked about a possible reunion for the “I Am The Best” jam makers, she responded by sharing, “We meet up quite often. If we are given the chance (for a comeback), I want to do it.”

K-fans are not really happy with her statement, though. In this case, most of them left hateful comments towards the solo songbird, arguing that her past drug scandals had lead to the group’s downfall. Feel free to read some of their comments here:

  • “It was because of her scandal, not any of the other members. I wonder what’s going on in her mind when she says stuff like this. It’s a shame that the other members are so good.”
  • “You’re the one who ruined 2NE1 with your drug scandal haha. Are you still on drugs?”
  • “Wasn’t 2NE1 disbanded because of your drug scandal?”
  • “It’s funny that the person who ruined the group told me that.”
  • “At least you get to appear on TV a lot. Don’t you feel sorry for the others?”

Despite the backlash by K-fans, many international Blackjacks (as fans are lovingly called) have been dying to see them perform together again.

Would you like to see 2NE1’s return to the Hallyu scene?

Sources: WowKeren, PannKpop.

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