It was recently revealed that Ipoh-born model Mandy Lieu (劉碧麗) had given birth to her fourth child with former boyfriend Alvin Chau (陳慧玲).

The revelation came to light when a London magazine published an article on Tuesday (1st December), where they interviewed the 35-year-old and reported that she actually has 4 children instead of 3.

Sources: Fashion Week Daily / 8 Days

According to Evening Standard, it is stated that, “Lieu has three daughters and a son, aged five, four, three and one, with billionaire tycoon Alvin Chau.” This comes as a surprise due to the fact that the former couple was initially believed to only have two daughters and one son.


The former Dior model moved to the UK along with her children, following the end of her five-year relationship with the billionaire tycoon. The 35-year-old mother of four reportedly received HK$300 million (RM158 million) as a “breakup fee”, which she used to purchase the 925-acre Ewhurst Park for £28 million (RM158 million) to start her own agrobusiness.

According to Apple Daily, Lieu found out that she was pregnant with her fourth child, not long after splitting up with Chau. It is also reported that the Malaysian-born beauty gave birth to the child last year (October 2019), an information that was intentionally kept from the public until now. We are unsure on whether the former boyfriend knew about Lieu’s pregnancy after the break-up.

Mandy Lieu currently lives in Hampshire of South East England and works as a columnist for Sublime Magazine. Click here to find out what the former model did with her RM158 million “breakup fee”.

Sources: Evening Standard, Apple Daily.

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