Attention to all Malaysians, get ready to put on your Harimau Malaya stripes as the new Malaysian national football kit is finally here!

The 2020 Malaysia National Team Kit, by Nike, features the country’s classic yellow and black colour with a modern twist, while also paying tribute to our tradition.

This year’s home kit stays true to the iconic yellow of the Harimau Malaya with a contrasting black polo collar design. The kit will see the return of black sleeves combined with a sophisticated pattern outlining the side of the jersey, fusing a retro look and a contemporary accent, completed with black shorts and yellow socks for the team to wear on the pitch.

In addition, the 2020 national away kit is inspired by the “jalur gemilang” (stripes of glory) of the Malaysian flag and features a solid black body with diagonal yellow stripes. The jersey pays homage to Harimau Malaya’s rich traditions while keeping close with the youthful energy and expressive culture of our national team. We will see the team donning away the jersey with black shorts and socks with yellow stripes.

It’s as if the retro look is designed by Nike to remind passionate fans of Harimau Malaya’s golden age back in the 1970s, where they reached the semi-finals at several continental multi-sport events and took home the bronze and gold medals . It was also during this period that Mokhtar Dahari, the best Malaysian footballer to ever graze the pitch, played for the national team.

Currently, with the likes of Safawi Rashid, Brendan Gan, and Syafiq Ahmad, there’s no doubt that our national team might see the return of its glory days soon. Combined with the aesthetic that Nike has presented for the jerseys, supporting and cheering for Harimau Malaya will definitely be memorable and even nostalgic.

Safawi Rashid (left), Brendan Gan (right)

Since 2007, Nike has been launching jersey kits for Malaysia’s national football team and they’ve definitely stayed true to our heritage. Having been with Harimau Malaya through the Asian cup finals, the sports brand has proven that its designs can honour our tradition while keeping up with the team’s status as one of the best football teams in Southeast Asia.

Just like the 2018 Malaysia National Team Kit, this year’s national kit will bear the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) crest, instead of the Malaysian flag. While the previous jersey presented a modern design on both of its kits, the 2020 Malaysia National Team Kit will merge the past and the present, as a tribute to both the heritage and evolution of Malaysia’s football team.

The 2020 Malaysia national team kit is available starting 4th December. Show your stripes for the country’s national football team by getting your outfit at Nike’s official website or selected retailers.

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