Lai Kuanlin (賴冠霖/ 라이관린) caused a major commotion among K-pop fans worldwide after a clip of him went viral on Weibo this week.

In the viral post, the former Wanna One member was seen smoking and spitting on the street, much to the dismay of fans and netizens alike.

Source: Weibo via Kpopmap

“#Laiguanlinsmokingandspittingonthestreets# Lai Guanlin was caught on camera as he smoked and spat on the street. Netizens were saying how milk cartons became ash trays. But fans are quite woke though, they want him to volunteer to clean the streets, even if they still like him,” one netizen wrote (as per Koreaboo).

After facing tons of backlash from fans, the 19-year-old rapper took to his Weibo page to issue a public apology. He wrote, “I’m very sorry. As a public figure, I didn’t act with better constraint, and demonstrated the wrong behaviour. I’ll accept everyone’s criticism. I will also learn from this and won’t do it again.”

Source: Weibo

A lot of fans gave mixed remarks in response to the recent controversy involving the Taiwanese idol. In this case, some were upset by his behaviour. On the contrary, others came to Kuanlin’s defence, arguing that he shouldn’t apologise for lighting up a cigarette.

As stated by Jazmine Media, the topic of idols smoking is not considered controversial to begin with. Do you agree?

Sources: Koreaboo, Jazmine Media.

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