Has our dreamy high school sweetheart from “High School Musical” finally found a real life Troy and Gabriella love story? Well, it definitely seems that way as the handsomely talented Zac Efron is reported to have given his recent love interest an engagement ring!

The 33-year-old actor recently celebrated his birthday with girlfriend Vanessa Valladares and celebrity friends at Byron Bay, Australia. The birthday bash was a surprise organised for the birthday boy by Vanessa. However, Zac had a surprise of his own for his new beau as he presented her with a ring at the party.

Source: Metro

The happy couple still haven’t confirmed if the ring was a symbol of their engagement to be married. However, while we’re not 100% sure what the two meant by that sweet little exchange, here are a few things we’re definitely sure about when it comes to who Vanessa Valladares is:


1. Vanessa is a 25-year-old part-time Australian model.

2. She waited tables at the Byron Bay General Store & Cafe, which is where she met the “Baywatch” star back in July.

3. She loves to travel. 

The Aussie beauty enjoys travelling, and her social media profile is pure proof to that. A significant number of her Instagram pictures show her posing in some of the most stunning locations, such as La Joya Biu-biu in Indonesia and Noosa National Park in her homeland.

Source: Instagram
Vanessa Valladares
Source: Instagram

4. Her meet-cute with Zac was all thanks to the Covid-19 restrictions, as she was supposed to be in Africa during the time they ran into each other.

5. Vanessa has occasionally dabbed in the modelling world and worked with Australian labels such as Love St, RVCA and Spell.

6. She’s spiritual. 

Vanessa’s Instagram shows that she values meditation and her connection with the world and nature. Even her Instagram highlights are creatively titled under the natural elements “Earth”, “Fire”, “Water” and “Air”.

Source: Instagram

7. She appreciates poetry and boasts many beautiful stanzas on her Instagram profile.

8. According to Radio host Kyle Sandilands, Vanessa does “everything” with her new A-list Hollywood beau:

“They’re a beautiful couple. They do everything together. They’re just sweet.”

9. She’s loves the ocean and also surfs. 

A vast majority of Vanessa’s social media posts are at the ocean with a beach photo from June captionedI will always run towards the ocean”. One post also shows a relaxing Vanessa posing with her surfboard after a day in the ocean. 

10. She is currently staying at Byron Bay together with Zac.

Source: Instagram

So far, all news reports of Vanessa have been gushing about how sweet, down to earth and easy-going she is. She seems to have no pretentious airs about herself and enjoys true simplicity – definitely a refreshing change from individuals who try too hard to look good.

It’s no surprise that the “17 Again” star has fallen head over heels for her. On his Netflix show “Down To Earth” Zac stated, “I gotta get out of Hollywood, I’m done. It’s not a place conducive to living a long, happy, mentally-sound life.”

Vanessa Valladares
Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Now, it seems that Zac has found a happy and mentally-sound life with Vanessa in Australia, as he chose to even delay his flight back to LA this month and further extended his tourist visa from 3 to 12 months.

Big moves from Zac. We’re definitely excited on what’s next for him!

Sources: Daily MailNews.com.au.

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