Nowadays, cafes are trying their best to attract customers by making their venue look aesthetically pleasing and “Insta-worthy”.

However, a trending cafe on Jalan Tun HS Lee in KL is receiving a lot of negative reviews regarding their food and services despite having an appealing design and great ambience.

Source: Facebook

A long review written on the Light Capture Cafe by HON’s Facebook page, caught a lot of people’s attention recently after a customer shared her experience during a visit to the cafe with her husband. She was initially excited to dine at the cafe but sadly, it wasn’t a pleasant trip.


Upon entering, they were given a barcode but weren’t told what to do with them, so they went upstairs and sat by a window which overlooked the kitchen. As time passed, a waiter came by and allegedly accused them of changing seats without informing the workers despite not being told where to seat.

Source: Malaysian Flavours

During their visit, the lady also shared that they could see the kitchen’s operation clearly from their seats. They couldn’t help but notice that none of the workers were wearing their face mask properly; they were either wearing it below their chin or not at all. What shocked them the most, was when her husband caught one of the chefs touching the food he was cooking with his bare hands.

She stated in her review, “My husband decided to randomly capture a video of the chef, and he managed to capture scenes where the same chef, using his bare hands, dipped his finger on the pasta filled pan, put it into his mouth to taste the food, and repeating it TWICE in a row, then wiped it off on his uniform, then using the same fingers, grabbed some salt or something, adding some more ‘flavours’  into the dish; food was then served.”

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She added that there were other “stunts” that happened in the kitchen but it was too lengthy to write in the review. Nonetheless, she said the earlier incident “was the most scariest and concerning part.”

According to the review, her husband apparently tried to message the cafe and owner via IG, but they didn’t get any response and the admin apparently blocked him. She complimented the place for having a nice ambience and interior but didn’t want to mention the food as “it doesn’t matter anymore if the service (did not) even reach the basic standard.

Source: Facebook

It’s a shame that the cafe has been plagued with such a bad reputation despite having such an attractive design and a cosy atmosphere. Looking at the other reviews on the cafe’s Facebook page, it received an average rating of 1.8 out of 5 from 91 ratings.

The other customers who wrote complaints mentioned their dissatisfaction of the small menu, disappointing food but mostly bad customer service. Check out their reviews below:


In this day and age, one should never underestimate the power of social media.

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