Citizens from Malaysia and Brunei have been offering their condolences to the Brunei royal family ever since the death of Prince Haji Abdul Azim made headlines.

Judging from the outpouring of well-wishes, it’s clear that Prince Azim was well-loved. Even Hollywood A-lister Janet Jackson took to her social media to remember the late Brunei prince.

Haji Abdul Azim


The 54-year-old pop star posted a simple but sweet tribute to Prince Azim, saying:

Azim, I love you too and inshahAllah no more pain. In the name of the most high, the most merciful, He will take care of you now. Ameen.”

Prince Azim and the royal family are no strangers to the Jackson family. Back in 1996, the late King of Pop Michael Jackson was invited to Brunei to perform for Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah’s 50th birthday. Approximately 60,000 fans got to enjoy the free concert and they didn’t pay a single cent. The bill (which cost USD$16-17 million) was reportedly picked by the royal family.

Aside from that Prince Haji Abdul Azim was also pictured together with Janet at numerous social events.

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