As we watch our favourite horror films during this Halloween season, we often find ourselves questioning the logic of each scene. We observe the characters on screen make not-so-great decisions that you know will ultimately end in them getting chased by a ghost, possessed or even murdered.

Our question is What Would You Do (WWYD)? What would you do if you were put in one of these iconic horror scenes? *spoilers ahead*

1. “The Haunting of Hill House” – The Bent-Neck Lady


The Haunting of Hill House follows the Crain clan’s relationship with a summer home that turned their lives upside down (sometimes, quite literally). One of the series’ biggest fright factors is the ever so creepy Bent-Neck Lady that hovers over Nell’s sleeping body and pops up at the most terrifying moments.

We also remember Nell returning to Hill House to face her deepest fears. While the flickering lights and the supernatural occurrences are enough to convince us to stay as far away from Hill House as possible, it clearly was not the same case for Nellie.

Tell us, WWYD?

2. “The Haunting of Bly Manor” – Doll House

So, you stumble upon an opening for an au pair to two orphans living in a grand English manor, far out in the country, with seemingly no direct access to anything or anyone else.

You meet these perfectly splendid children that seem delightful at first, you quickly learn that one of them has one too many dolls of people that you’re sure are lingering around the property in spirit (not forgetting the one under her cupboard). And then fittingly, someone always suggests a game of hide and seek. In a haunted house. NOPE.


Mama raised no quitter but in this case we’re seeking to hide anywhere else but Bly Manor. Enlighten us, will you? WWYD?

3. “Stranger Things” – Mind Flayer

Welcome back to Hawkins! You’ve just been through the Upside Down and enjoyed the perfect summer. Just when you thought you had the time to be a normal teenager, Russian soldiers unleash the Mind Flayer on the town and infect all its citizens.

The kids inevitably find out that there are more than meets the eye lurking beneath Starcourt Mall and devises a plan to save Hawkins and the world. We’ll be waiting at Scoops Ahoy with ice-cream in hand if anybody would care to join us. WWYD?

4. “The Ring”

“The Ring” chronicles Rachel, a journalist who launches an investigation into the unexpected death of her 16-year-old niece, Samara. She stumbles upon a mysterious videotape that curses those who watch it with death looming precisely 7 days later – cue the creepy static on the TV, random pool of water on the floor and a shrill scream.

We remember the iconic scene where Samara crawls out of the well in the video and then proceeds to climb out of the TV screen and into the apartment. Sorry but we’re cancelling our cable subscription and getting on to Netflix where ghosts will remain IN our screens. WWYD?

5. “IT”


Ever met a friendly clown that wants to just give you loads of hugs and cookies – that’s not IT. In the opening scene, we see little Georgie folding an origami paper boat, marking ‘SS Georgie’ on the side, and going out in the rain to float his boat.

He loses control and chases after the boat down the stream of water into a drain. He reaches in the drain and he finds IT, a frightening clown that so happens to be lurking…in the drain.

First of all – why was he in the drain? And why did George think it was a good idea to grab the boat from the man in said drain when he could’ve gone home and folded another one. Now, if you were George, WWYD?

Source: Polygon

Stream and scream all the aforementioned titles on Netflix this Halloween.

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