Last week, Patricia Knudsen posted a celebratory photo after winning custody of daughter Sophia Sue-Lin. We’re unsure if this was meant as a jab at Joey Ghazlan, but her former beau took offence to it.

Since then, the former Channel [v] VJ has not been holding back in airing all the dirty laundry on his Instagram Stories. His objective? To set the record straight and clear the “lies” being told by the “manipulator”.


Yesterday (Sunday, 21st June), we received an email claiming that Patricia K “can’t speak because it’s against the custody order”. The person also shared previous Whatsapp conversations and testimonials (from friends and their helper of 1-month, Meldy Cajayon) about Joey’s violent behavior. The sender also provided a list of things that Joey apparently had left out.

The claims read:

1. Joey G was the one that cheated on Patricia. Patricia found out and tried to leave him, and he was extremely violent which resulted in the police being called.

2. The police have been called twice over the years to intervene. However, he makes life hell for anyone who tries to press charges and will stop at nothing to harass them to not press charges. Hence, no charges were made. It doesn’t mean the incidents never happened.

3. Patricia never cheated on him and his allegations are all lies. She never slept with any of the men he named.

Source: IG

4. He thrashed a hotel room during an event, keeping Patricia inside and beating her up. This is a known incident in the KL events industry. He has been seen to hit Patricia and even get into fights with others throughout his time in Malaysia.

5. Joey G is an addict and admits to having smoked weed for 20 years. He was always high on weed even after Sophia was born, so he wasn’t the “good, attentive” dad he claims to be. He was always locked up in his room mixing music on his computer – anyone following Patricia back in the day will remember this.

6. The Bali incident was the last straw for Patricia. Patricia has always had to take Sophia away and hide behind locked doors during the violent rampages where Joey would be throwing objects and furniture, exactly as he did in Bali.


7. He has threatened not only Patricia’s life, but that of her partner. This exchange has been posted by Patricia before.

Source: IG

8. Joey G has never had an employment pass to live and work in Malaysia. Notice how he always travels every 2-3 months. He has never paid tax a day in his life so he’s a complete hypocrite.

9. If Joey G truly cared about the welfare of his daughter, he would not post compromising photos of her, taken completely out of context. He has now left those photos to the internet to be misused against Sophia when she grows up. A genuine concerned father would have only gone to the police.

10. Three learned, esteemed judges preceded over the appeal and reviewed both parent’s lengthy applications with evidence extensively, and decided on the outcome.

After getting wind of the email, Joey reached out to us with the following statement:

What she has said in that email is false. There is no order that say she cannot speak out. She already spoke out on the day of the hearing where she posted a photo saying what a real man does. She also spoke out when she posted the photo of the judges.

My lawyer advised me to inform you that to debunk her lies all you need to do is ask for the cause papers or a copy of the order.”

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Such a little sunshine today! She got a new play suit which looks so good on her and she cracked me up today. Made me realise how she is understanding so much now 😂 x We were looking in the fish tank and she then proceeded to ask me where Boots was (the black and white fish that was the same type as Dora). Sadly he passed away and I didn’t wanna tell her so I told her he went on holiday. She just stared at me and with this sassy tone and suspicious eyes, she said: “Mom, can I ask you something?” – “Do fish have legs?” – “I don’t think so, so I don’t think he could have gotten out of the tank to go holiday” – “So tell me, tell me where is he?” 😂😂 – so I admitted she got me and how smart she was. I told her that I had to separate Dora and him cause they were being silly so now he was in a new fish tank. She didn’t question that one further. ✨ x #SophiaSuelin #WeekendVibes #BestEver

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When asked about why Joey wasn’t allowed to spend Father’s Day with Sophia the past weekend, Patricia replied that as a mum, she knows what is best for her daughter. That comment has since been deleted from her Instagram post.

Update (24th June):

Earlier this morning, Joey posted another statement on his Instagram handle.

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