Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob has announced that cinemas and live events can resume operations starting 1st July.

According to Defence Minister in a live press conference earlier today (Monday, 22nd June), the premises involved must follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and regulations issued by the government.

“We have decided to allow cinemas and live events to resume operations starting 1st July but only in closed environments and halls. SOPs need to be tightly implemented. Additionally, the number of attendants cannot exceed 250 for now. But this also depends on how big the event or cinema hall is,” the minister was quoted as saying.

Datuk Ismail Sabri also highlighted that there should be a one-meter social distancing rule applied at all times. Not only that, the limit on the number of people allowed to attend the cinema will be subjected to the size of the enclosed venue. According to him, “The SOPs when entering the premise will remain in force.”

Watch the full clip of the press conference here:

Based on a survey by Cinema Online (findings from over 500 individuals), here’s what they gathered:


1. 81.1% of concerned movie-lovers in Malaysia want all cinemas to put in place SOPs that ensure ALL the following:

  • All moviegoers to wear masks
  • Must have temperature checks
  • Sanitisers available outside every hall

2. 74% of respondents say cinemas must sanitise their premises, counter tops, kiosks, tables, chairs as frequent as possible – prefer to have staff stationed at these posts, for assurance that it is seen done.

3. A whopping 85% demand that hall seats and door handles are sanitised after EVERY movie session.

4. A strong 81% prefer kiosk and online ticket purchases. However, they can consider counter purchases provided strict SOPs are in place.

5. 75% prefer to buy the concessions online and collect them at the counter rather than queue.

6. 72% will eat in the movie halls – even if it means removing their masks.

7. 59% are cool with 3D movies provided the 3D glasses are sanitised after every movie.

Source: The Star.

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