Patricia K is off to London to pick Sophia Sue Lin up. In a screenshot of her diary, the mother expressed her fear of her daughter not recognising her after not seeing each other for the past 3 months.

Last night (Thursday, 18th October), Patricia released a can of worms, exposing Joey G’s abusive behaviour in the past. Besides that, she also accused her former beau of causing emotional harm towards her close friends and family.


In case you’re wondering, how is Sazzy Falak connected to Sophia’s alleged drowning episode? Joey posted a message on his Instagram story yesterday, asking, “Sassy Falak? You came to our villa after a near drowning incident, brought your kids and few bottles of alcohol and got drunk with Patricia. You saw what? You saw me walk out of the villa upset that all this was happening.”

He continued, “What did you see first hand? Please describe. You saw me leave when you came to get drunk with your kids.” This message was in response when Sazzy claimed she saw first hand what Patricia experience. As you can see from the screenshot above, Joey apparently strangled Patricia while Sazzy and Patricia’s sister were in the living room.

As for what happened when they fought, Patricia uploaded a few clips online:

An Instagram user (whose identity has been blurred) also confirmed that a friend witnessed Joey’s physical abuse in person. “Many years ago… (Patricia was caught) hiding at his balcony naked, hiding from Joey’s hitting,” the netizen wrote. Patricia responded by saying, “I’ve taken all the hits and threats and I can’t get any further down than I am“.

So what is Joey’s response to all these accusations?

Ladies and gentlemen, I absolutely refute all the things she’s said. Don’t worry, there will come a day when we are crossed examined and stuff will go to court and the truth will come out. That’s all I can say,” the DJ said in his Instagram stories.


Phew… That’s quite a bit to take in isn’t it? Hopefully Sophia’s well-being is the main focus in moving forward.

Sources: Joey G & Patricia K’s Instagrams.

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