Malaysian Inner Circles had mixed feelings about WINNER’s recent “EVERYWHERE” tour in Kuala Lumpur. While K-pop fans were ecstatic to witness their favourite oppas, they weren’t too please with the people behind the scenes.

Since our WINNER concert review went viral (last we heard, the article was translated to Korean and Indonesian), we’ve noticed legions of fans voicing out their dissatisfaction and disappointment directly towards YG Entertainment. The fans have truly spoken.

Source: YG Entertainment

For those that don’t know what happened, an iKON VCR was played during WINNER’s concert on Sunday (14th October). Angered by the unprofessionalism, many Inner Circles took to social media to accuse YG Entertainment of favouritism towards iKON.


Yesterday (Thursday, 18th October), YG Entertainment issued an official statement, addressing the unfortunate incident that took place recently. Director Jeung Chi Young also announced that the person in charged of the VCR has since been removed and will no longer work on future tours.


Source: YG Family.

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