The notoriously unapologetic Singaporean influencer has finally released the full makeup tutorial video of Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor yesterday.

Despite receiving a whole lot of negative reactions, Xiaxue shows no regret and went on to release a 10-minute video of the former prime minister’s wife.

According to the beauty blogger, the Rosmah look happen when she asked her followers what character should she do for her Halloween makeup. Even though the 1st choice was Valak from “The Nun”, she decided to go with the 2nd most suggested character, which is Rosmah.

“What’s more scary than rampant corruption in a country, right?” she said in her video. “I don’t know if I would succeed because I’ve never done special effect’s makeup before.”

The 34-year-old mentioned the hardest feature on Rosmah’s face would be her nose as it sometimes looks pointy and other times looks lumpy, adding that “it kind of looks like a proboscis monkey.”

As usual, Rosmah’s supporters continue to throw insults at the influencer, calling her with bad names, dragging her son Dash into the drama, and resharing her old photos from before she did her plastic surgery.

Some even went as far as to compare her old looks with Rosmah’s looks from her younger days, saying that the former PM’s wife looks so much lovelier back then.


Knowing Xiaxue, none of the backlash works on her since her having plastic surgery is nothing new as she has always been open about it. Plus, she mentioned that she is proud that she has improved so much compared to back then and she’s not jealous that Rosmah used to be pretty.

“Keep your hate comments coming people!! I love any form of attention. I especially appreciate the lengthy Malay comments because I can’t understand them so I imagine you guys are saying I’m so talented and pretty!”

“I love how stupid people always say the same boring insults… plastic lah, babi lah, Singaporean lah, Chinese lah… erm none of these are insulting? Can try harder not?” she said on her Instagram post.

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