Famous Singaporean influencer Cheng Yan Yan or better known as Xiaxue has unveiled her Halloween costumes to her fans and followers, and they are all super impressed!

The 34-year-old has turned herself into the wife of former Malaysian Prime Minister, Rosmah Mansor (in prison attire some more) on her Twitter, captioning “Am I prettier than the real Rosmah?”

Netizens are shocked and scared to see the the makeup, praising Xiaxue for nailing the look. But many also warn her to be careful as the political figure is kind of a taboo and sensitive subject.


On her IG stories, Xiaxue revealed that the look took her around 4 hours to complete and it was achieved using makeup and hand-made prosthetics. The fashionista also joked that if she were to die in the next few days, “it is most certainly murder”.

Xiaxue said that she will be uploading the tutorial video for this look will be coming soon!

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