Tension is brewing between Sophia Sue-Lin’s parents – Patricia K and Joey G.

For the first time since this whole drama started, Patricia’s boyfriend Matthieu Gsphe is speaking up against Joey. This came after Joey posted his thoughts on how a great parent should be; also emphasising that he carried out his parenting duties “alone” (highlighting it in capital letters).


In Matt’s very lengthy post uploaded on Patricia’s Instagram stories (since his account is private), he went into detail about experiencing Joey’s abusive behaviour first hand, the kidnapping incident, and accused him of stirring up intentional drama by posting “a story about parenthood”.

For those confuse and wondering why are all these drama coming to light again, Joey revealed it his IG story that he’s taking things to court next week (on Monday, 14th January, we believe). Joey is suspected to be under a gagging order (that prevents him from talking publicly about Patricia and her close circle) in order maintain his visitation rights.

Patricia insists that she did not ask Matthieu to defend her, but felt that it would be helpful for those observing from the outside to understand the matter at hand. After all, Matthieu has been by her side ever since the drama between Patricia and her ex went public.

So what is Joey’s response to Matt’s claims? His reaction on IG story was a mere “LOL” and “not falling for that again”, letting his followers know that the court date is next week .

UPDATE (Friday, 11th January 5:40pm)

Uh oh, it looks like things are heating up between Patricia K’s current beau and her former flame. In response Matthieu Gsphe’s length post, Joey G has allegedly called him a “dumb ass”, “fool”, and “stupid boyfriend”.


I do not wish to enter into any discussion with you through social media,” wrote Matt. The screenshot of his message was re-shared on Patricia’s Instagram stories. A couple of previous Whatsapp messages and email exchange was also uploaded online for everyone to see.

In those receipts, it was shown that Joey had once threaten to smash Matthieu’s head and to give him “f**king beating of his life”. There’s no indication of when this heated argument took place though.

Joey suggests that the screenshots above have been edited to paint him as the bad guy.

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