2 parents – Joey G and Patricia K – have been at war (on social media) for the past few months. Stuck in the middle is their 2-year-old daughter, Sophia Sue Lin.

Since threatening to lodge police report against her former beau, Patricia is calling Joey out for taking their baby girl all the way to the UK without her approval. Over the weekend, she took to her Instagram stories to type a lengthy series of posts.

Source: IG Stories
Patricia K
Source: IG Stories

The DJ also personally addressed Joey saying, “Clearly the only way I can speak to you is via Instagram. Let me advise you that whatever you post in public becomes invalid in court” before dropping the bombshell, revealing, “You’ve already done the very worst which is to take her out of Malaysia without my consent“.


Patricia also added that Joey had gone behind her back and made a new passport for little Sophia without her knowledge. This explains why she previously accused Joey of “child abduction”. On the other hand, Joey claimed that it was Patricia’s own decision to refuse contact with Sophia under his terms.

Source: Instagram

In his latest Instagram post, Joey had admitted that “we are in the UK and this has been transferred to a UK court”. He’s hoping that “the courts here may understand my position to keep my daughter in my care until elements of danger from her mother (are) rectified“.

For those wondering why he and Sophia are currently residing in the UK, Joey explained, “I have valid reasons for making my trip to UK and I have over 10 work commitments for major events for the end of October and throughout November”.

Joey has also added 2 things he wants Patricia to cooperate:

1. “Get a driving license so Sophia is covered by insurance in the event of a crash. ( I have multiple videos and photos of her previous crashes and my lawyer saw them and was shocked. His words were: This is not a normal crash. These are intoxicated crashes) If I hand Sophia to Patricia and she crashed that car then I would also be blamed as I allowed it to happen. All she had to do was agree to get a license to which she said no”.

Source: Facebook

2. “She sent threatening message to my family saying that none of us will ever see Sophia ever again once she has her. I went to the police and they informed me she couldn’t do that unless a court order is in place. All she had to do was agree to the legally binded documents that would protect both our rights as parents. Sophia needs her mother and will have her mother when this is all done. I emailed Patricia many times informing her of what I just wrote here and asking her to feel free to call all day every day for as long as she wants. To which she said no. And didn’t call once in 3 months.

“I then thought I’d video call her myself so she can have contact with Sophia and she could only speak to Sophia for 2 minutes before saying she had to go. 2 days later she posts to Instagram that her heart is bleeding and she misses Sophia. All I wanted was my rights protected. 50 / 50 so nobody could ever threaten to keep Sophia. I kept my daughter in my care for reasons of safety and it was Patricia’s responsibility to fix those dangerous things and we could have made an agreement. Instead she make a false application, filed 7 police reports of abuse 4 months after we broke up and then used all that to get a court to give her interim custody while we went through a full custody trial in her favour”.

Source: Facebook

It remains to be seen if the court will rule in Joey or Patricia’s favour…

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