A few months ago, Joey G and Patricia Knudsen (or Patricia K)’s dispute spilled over on Instagram and became a public affair.

Those of you who have been following Patricia K on her social media would know she hasn’t been able to see her daughter, Sophia Sue Lin, for quite some time now. Many assume that it’s because of her former flame, but Joey G isn’t keeping quiet on the matter.

Source: Instagram

Earlier this week, the host took to his Instagram stories to shed light on the current situation between him and Patricia. He alleged that threats have been made. Throughout the clips (which we have compiled into a video), Joey shows us a white vehicle with the driver’s door opened. It is believed that car belongs to Patricia.


For those curious as to why Patricia hasn’t been reunited with her baby girl, perhaps this answer some questions. Here are the 4 allegations made by Joey:

1. “Just want to set the record straight on something. I’m not stopping Sophia from seeing Patricia. Patricia is choosing not to have any contact with Sophia. All I’m doing is protecting my rights as a father after Patricia sent threatening messages to my family that none of us will ever see Sophia again once she receives her back.”

2. “Furthermore, Patricia drives around in a car without a driving license and has crashed that car more than 10 times. And the dangers of that are: if Sophia was in the car, and they got serious injuries, she would not be covered by insurance.”

3. “Patricia has been told that she’s more than welcome to video call Sophia all day, every day, for as long as she wants, but she chooses not to. I’ve send her multiple emails asking her to stay in contact and she says no. She hasn’t spoke to Sophia for 2 months and that is her own choice.”

4. “All I’m doing is protecting my rights as a father and I want a legally bind document that would never allow Patricia to threaten me and take Sophia from me ever again. Instead of providing a document, what she’s done is she wants to file for full custody and have me removed from Sophia’s life when I’m a better parent to Sophia then she can ever be.”

Ouch! That might sting quite a bit. Patricia has remained silent for the most part, only addressing the situation once here.

Watch the clip below:

What are your thoughts on the matter?

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